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In January 2000, AFP SPEDITION Ltd. originated when the international logistics company separated from the Import-Export Dpt. of U PLUS Ltd., which had existed since January 1992. The company, owned by a single family, is founded on the long-term experience in sales and freight transportation of the co-owners.

  • modern technology
  • our main priority is customer satisfaction
  • details of the statement in the Business Register can be found here

reliability, quality, professional treatment resulting in a trustful business relationship


The company is equipped with the latest computer technology enabling connection to the 2 biggest Central Transport Databases RAALTRANS and TimoCom.

Databases are conveniently connecting more than 90.000 freight companies from the whole Europe and, therefore, we are capable of fullfilling your requirements in the shortest possible time.

Our main priority is customer service !

Examples of our clients include some large sporting goods companies, whose details you can find on our reference page.

For all of our customers we ensure complete services, which includes all kinds of transport (road & rail, maritime shipping, partial shipments and air cargo) and including custom clearance.
February 2012 / Our latest means of transport at anchor in the Harbor Radotín ....
AFP ponorka

The Christmas Event in the Clubkino Cernosice
There on our Christmas Party performed Rappers SEVEN&STEWE and again girls rock band THE APPLES.
The Christmas Event in the Clubkino Cernosice
There on our Christmas Party performed, among others, the girls rock band THE APPLES.
AquaBabes 2015
Girls from the pop group AquaBabes 2015 / their hit Pure like Love had in 2015 almost 7 millions views on YouTube / "asked" Mr. Pavlacka for snapshot.
17. Adrenalin Challenge
Our team /Vaclav, Marek, Aneta, Martin/ has brave accomplished this prestigious event in Decin.
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